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Damian Cavanagh – Ambassador for the Hear and Say Here to Stay Giving Day

We are so proud to announce that our Managing Director, Damian Cavanagh has been appointed as an Ambassador for the Hear and Say: Here to Stay Giving Day on May 28.

Due to the impact of coronavirus Hear and Say faces an urgent shortage in funds for frontline services. However, the reality is children and babies with hearing loss cannot wait. Damian’s youngest son Archie, is living proof of what can be achieved.

Damian’s support of Hear and Say has even previously seen him take a true leap of faith to swing from Brisbane’s iconic Goodwill Bridge, raising critical funds and awareness for Hear and Say. Now, he proudly wears the title of ambassador for the Hear and Say: Here to Stay Giving Day!

Archer’s story

Archer was born with seriously impaired hearing which was a shock to his entire family. What could be done to ensure Archer’s future? The day that Archer received his Cochlear implants was the day his hearing, listening and speaking future began. Archer is now 5 years old and his progress is amazing, not missing a moment of every day learning, and his social skills are simply endearing.

Archer’s entire family are so grateful for the wonderful support that the Hear and Say provide. 

Damian says “I have had the privilege to witness firsthand the incredible work they do for young Queenslanders with hearing loss, like Archie & the wonderful support they have provided our family on his hearing journey thus far. He truly is our little miracle!”

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