Smart home control

Your world at your fingertips with Smart Home Control

Elevate your lifestyle and discover a whole new level of style and convenience at home. At Electronic Living, we weave the latest technology and innovation into a home automation system that’s fun, entertaining and easy to live with. 

Removing the complexity of home automation

Cutting-edge technology. World-class innovation. Enhanced luxury and award-winning design, all taken care of by our award-winning team. We’ll design, build and maintain a complete automation system so you can control your smart home with ease and confidence.

From planning and design to project management, installation and maintenance, Electronic Living is the right choice for your smart home automation needs.

A connected home

We specialise in smart automation, and provide unmatched levels of design and finish integrated into both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. We use the latest innovations in technology, connectivity and automation to create warm, inviting and connected spaces.


Create a mood with intelligent lighting. We can automate special zones, pre-programmed scenes, automated schedules & sensor activation.

Intercom, security and CCTV

Feel safe in your home and communicate inside, outside and throughout your home, from any room.

Sound and entertainment systems

We create intuitive multimedia, smart TV and sound systems to bring your home to life.

Motorised window fixtures

Adjust blinds and shades with the touch of a button or fully automated them to a schedule.

Irrigation control

Take control and water the garden from your smartphone or control pad. Or, automate it completely.

Voice control

Feels like the future. Control your entire smart home with simple and intuitive voice commands.

Climate control

Always feel comfortable with easy adjustments to temperature with automated air conditioning and heating systems.

Smart wiring

We’ll design the cabling infrastructure of your home to be simplified, tidy and future-proofed.

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One system to rule them all

Control every smart feature across your home on one central control system. We’ll find the right solution for your home and preferences from our extensive range of world-class products. Then, we’ll tie all your home technologies into a single, easy-to-use system on a remote, touch screen control pad or mobile device.

Complete home automation

Remove the complexity of technology and automate your lighting, audio-visual, media players, intercom, climate control, window fixtures and more at the touch of a button.

You're never too far from home

Smart technology can automate your house while you’re away and allow you to check in from anywhere in the world. Control and connect to your entire intelligent home network in a heartbeat from your mobile device. Complete control, from within your home, or on the go.

Winding down has never been easier

Find your zen. Take a break from the fast pace of life with enhanced and intuitive wind-down processes. Set reminders for tomorrow, queue the music, lighting, audiobooks, TVs, smart home assistant, cooling and heating, all at the press of a button or voice command.

Award-winning spaces

We create smart home technology with sophisticated and luxurious aesthetics that adds convenience, style and value to your space. Our award-winning designers create bespoke solutions to simplify your life.

Next-level innovation

Want something that really impresses? Our designs can include next-level features such as hidden TVs, in-ceiling speakers, mirror TVs and projector lifts that provide next-level innovation with that wow factor.

Uniquely you: smart solutions that reflect your style

Our smart home designs are limitless and catered to your style. We design for you, with one goal: to enhance your home lifestyle and make enjoying your quality time more rewarding. We’ll consult with you about your goals, and provide expertise and guidance for the smart home of your dreams. 

We’ll go above and beyond to create a space that’s uniquely you. Get in touch today.

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