For NDIS & Assisted Living

Keep your independence with assisted living technology

Live comfortably with a smart home, designed for independent living.

Improve your lifestyle and home accessibility

Our team can bring smart automation and assisted domotics technology to your home packaged into a solution that is hassle-free and easy to use, providing the ultimate in independent living.

We can plan, design, install and maintain a system to make your day-to-day movements easier for maximum comfort, independence and a touch of luxury.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate our systems. We design smart technology for you. At Electronic Living, we make advanced technology easy.

Tools for independent living

The ultimate in assisted living, powered by smart technology for independence and comfort.

Automated lighting​

Turn lights off and on easily or design an automation schedule at times that work for you for different areas of your home. Set your home to automatically light up in the morning, dim down in the evening and turn off at bedtime. Need a light off or on outside of the schedule? No problem. That's easy too.

Sensor lighting

Enjoy easier accessible living with lighting that is controlled by sensors to turn on and off when you need it. We can install sensor lighting anywhere in your home. From outdoor lighting to guide your way inside to sensors in the hallway and washroom for when you get up in the night.

Climate control

Feel comfortable with easy adjustments to temperature with automated air conditioning and heating systems.

Intercom, CCTV, locks and security

We have a wide range of security options so you can feel safe in your own home, communicate via intercom, view your front door and property access points and control access from wherever you are.

Sound and entertainment systems

We create intuitive smart TV and sound systems to bring your home to life. We can design your audio and visual technology to suit your exact needs, from small to large screens and sound with easily-adjustable volume.

Motorised window fixtures

Adjust blinds and shades with the touch of a button or fully automate them to a schedule. That's easy!

Smart health and safety integrations

Automatically send information from your medical devices such as heart rate monitors directly to you or a carer and install fall detection motion sensors to trigger an SOS alert if you ever need them.

Motorised gates and doors

Take the hassle out of getting in and out of your home with our secure motorised gates and doors, controlled from a range of smart devices.

Irrigation control

Take control and water the garden from your smartphone or control pad. Or, automate it completely.

Touch and voice activation and control

Control your entire smart home with simple and intuitive voice commands for easy living, or at the touch of a button from any device or from a specially-made control pad.

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How it works

Step One

Consultation & Quote

Our team will consult with you to learn about your technology needs. Then, we’ll provide you with a proposal and scope of works.

Step Two

Concept & Design

Once the proposal has been accepted, our design team begins preparation of detailed cabling plans, floor plan overlays, elevations, and schematics.

Step Three

Installation & Handover

Our projects team will work with all required stakeholders to ensure the efficient delivery of your project, to time and budget.

Step Four

Service & Maintenance

On top of our typical support, we can offer preventative maintenance and ongoing servicing of your smart technology solutions.

Peace of mind for your family with digital wellbeing check-ins

Give your family peace of mind that you’re doing well with smart camera technology that allows a face-to-face check-in quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. 

Whether it’s the peace of mind in knowing that you’re okay with CCTV, or state-of-the-art video and audio calls to loved ones with volume and visuals designed for you, you’ll be more connected and independent.

Innovative features for living independently

We provide NDIS-approved solutions, tailored specifically to your age or disability needs.

Smart technology that
transforms assisted living

We’ll call you back within one business day

Making technology easy​

First we’ll talk with you to discover what features you need and then we’ll plan, design and install them into your home. 

We can fully upgrade any home, integrating sensors and microprocessors across your technology, making it accessible and easy to control.

Take control of your home from the one place

We’ll connect all of your technology together, and make it easy to control from your smart device or a custom user interface.

Prefer to go hands-free? No problem. We can even set you up with voice activation across your entire system. 

Feel safe in your home​

With a host of security features, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your home is secure at all times.

Smart locks control access to your property and CCTV cameras allow you to view who is approaching your home, without the need to open your door.

Communicate via intercom from anywhere within your home or abroad, to your front door or to other rooms with ease.

We can install automated security lighting and sensors to increase the visibility and safety of your property at night to deter potential intruders.

Live better with smart home technology.

Improve your lifestyle with NDIS-approved tailored assisted living solutions.

We’ll call you back within one business day