Smart security & access control

Smart security and access control for total peace of mind

Whether it’s your home, business or yacht, keep control of who has access and when. Check your property and assets are secure. Anytime, anywhere.

Smart home security & access control keypad

Rest Easy

With a host of features for seamless and effortless security, automatic protection and complete control over access to your home, we can take care of smart security systems to protect you, your family and your assets.

Our innovative approach to security allows you to check your CCTV cameras, answer the intercom and protect your home via multiple access control options, right from your phone or mobile device.

Our smart security systems keep you notified of any alarms or unwanted activity in and around your home.

Complete control & visibility

Here at Electronic Living, we design and install advanced security systems to maintain complete visibility and control over your home. 

Making smart security simple.

 Talk to an expert today, and we’ll create an intelligent security system with all the features you need for total peace of mind.

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