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Meraki (v.) – To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into something.
Distinct in its seamless integration of design and technology, Meraki is a home that revels in the potential of modern living. The interwoven collaboration between Thallon Mole Group, Base Architecture and Electronic Living embodies this sentiment, creating an experience that enhances the day-to-day, pushing the boundaries of what it means to live in the moment.
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  • BuilderThallon Mole Group
  • ArchitectBase Architecture
  • PhotographerCam Murchison
  • VideographerX Media

Innovation is driven by collaboration

Never has there been a truer statement when referencing this Brisbane home. The project initially began mid-2018 and, as a new build, was influential in forging smart house integration and progressive design.

A core component of Meraki is the state-of-the-art smart home technology installed throughout the building. The home functions as a fully automated system, which includes security and entertainment facets, that run from a mechanically ventilated invisible technology hub, serving as the ‘central nervous system’.

Project Features

  • State of the art security system
  • Distributed high-fidelity audio throughout
  • High performance IT network
  • Control4 integration & control via touch panels, smart phone app, smart watch, voice control
  • Irrigation control
  • Air-conditioning control
  • Cbus lighting control
  • Smart intercom with the ability to answer & grant access from anywhere in the world
  • Camera surveillance, which can also be viewed on the clients mobile device remotely
  • Centralised & ventilated equipment rack
  • Custom built, automated & integrated TV lifters to be concealed in ceiling & wall cavities

Early project planning during the initial design phase of the project in conjunction with the client, builder and architect allowed for what has resulted in a seamless blend of technology, architecture and construction. These three elements coexist in perfect harmony, enabling the project to offer all the benefits a modern smart home demands without disruption to the contemporary aesthetic.

Features of the smart house include CCTV and security systems, full blind and lighting control via touchscreens, smart light switches with customisable settings and weatherproof outdoor speaker systems. Literally all facets of this home’s integrated smart systems have been colour-matched, considered and positioned at all times to minimise the technological footprint and complement the home’s premium high-end finish. These elements, including the custom-built retractable television unit and the fully automated sauna, project a futuristic sophistication that underpins the conversation Meraki has with its design. Not only was practicality considered but creative features, such as the operable ensuite skylight and the automated artwork that conceals a television screen, give the home an individual expression representative of its owners.

For them, this meant being involved in each site meeting and at the forefront of all decision making. Our clients thoroughly enjoyed the process and, like all owners, wanted the best outcome. Their decisions would ultimately make the home unique to their needs and provide them with lifelong satisfaction. It also provides them with some ownership over the final outcome, which is important in a home.

Meraki’s combination of design and technology ensures functional use of space; the home’s layout works effortlessly to create structural movement, having life breathed into its walls by its inhabitants, as well by the contributions made by Thallon Mole Group, Base Architecture and Electronic Living.

The home is the product of how holistic collaboration and a united goal can influence a project for the better. It’s rarely the first solution to any given problem that ends up being incorporated into the design, but it’s that collaborative process of refining these details that allows the vision and intent of the design to be realised on site.

Designed as a forever home for the family, Meraki is the embodiment of how its inhabitants aspire to live.

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