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Luminare Newstead

Presented by Electronic Living in Collaboration with Cavcorp.
Luminare, located in the prestigious Newstead neighbourhood of Brisbane is a vision of wellness-lifestyle residences brought to life by Cavcorp, the visionary builder and developer. What sets Luminare apart is not just its architectural brilliance, wellness-focused amenities, and opulent living spaces but also the seamless integration of cutting-edge integrated apartment living technology, expertly curated and implemented by Electronic Living.
  • Builder & DeveloperCavcorp
  • RendersCavcorp

Project Overview

At the heart of Luminare’s luxury living experience is Electronic Living’s integration of the latest in smart home technology. Electronic Living has seamlessly incorporated distributed audio systems, distributed video, home entertainment, home cinema, Ubiquiti wired and wireless networks, Crestron lighting, blind and curtain control, air-conditioning integration and energy management & intercom access integration. All systems are integrated together via centralised & ventilated equipment racks and controlled via Crestron Home smart home control systems.

Electronic Living has elevated Luminare into a true smart apartment living marvel, where residents can effortlessly control every aspect of their living environment with the simple touch of a button.

A Masterpiece of Architecture and Wellness

Cavcorp’s commitment to wellness is reflected in every aspect of Luminare’s design, from its choice of materials to landscaped vertical spines, metallic sliding sun-screens, open lobby corridors, and winter garden balconies. This commitment sets the pace for a life lived in full, where residents can truly embrace wellness in their daily lives.

Complementing this commitment, Electronic Living shares the same dedication to enhancing the lifestyle and well-being of Luminare’s residents. Beyond the seamless integration of smart home technology, Electronic Living’s vision extends to creating an environment that promotes wellness. By expertly curating the smart home experience, we ensure that residents can effortlessly control lighting, temperature, and entertainment, fostering an ambiance that nurtures relaxation and rejuvenation.

For Electronic Living, wellness is not just a concept but a way of life. We have meticulously designed technology systems that cater to the unique needs of residents, promoting relaxation and creating a sanctuary within. Whether it’s adjusting lighting to create the perfect mood for unwinding, controlling room temperatures for optimum comfort, or immersing in a tailored entertainment experience, Electronic Living’s commitment to wellness is interwoven with the fabric of Luminare.

With a focus on enhancing the quality of life, Electronic Living ensures that Luminare is not just a residence but a sanctuary where residents can thrive, relax, and embrace wellness in every aspect of their daily routine. This holistic approach, combined with Cavcorp’s dedication to architectural excellence and wellness-focused design, makes Luminare a haven of luxury living that seamlessly integrates technology to enhance the overall well-being of its residents.

The Electronic Living Difference

Electronic Living, in close partnership with Cavcorp, dedicated over 12 months of collaborative efforts before the project’s commencement. This extensive pre-project phase was dedicated to refining the systems design and documentation process, a crucial component in ensuring the seamless delivery of this extraordinary venture. Our diverse team of experts, including the sales team, system designers, engineers, project managers, and more, collectively committed to excellence, demonstrating an unwavering attention to detail. This meticulous approach enabled us to intricately tailor the integrated apartment technology to align perfectly with Cavcorp’s distinct vision for Luminare. The result not only optimised the functionality and efficiency of the integrated systems but also played a pivotal role in crafting an exceptional living environment that seamlessly marries opulence, well-being, and cutting-edge technology. This collaborative synergy between Electronic Living’s multifaceted team and Cavcorp during this initial planning phase has laid the groundwork for a project that indisputably stands as a testament to innovation and sophistication within the realm of luxury living.

Luminare is a testament to the synergy of architectural elegance, wellness, and cutting-edge smart home & apartment technology. Electronic Living’s partnership with Cavcorp has transformed Luminare into a model of integrated living, setting a standard that beckons other builders and developers to embrace the future of luxurious and convenient living. Experience the Luminare difference, where wellness, elegance, and technology converge to create a lifestyle like no other.

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