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Carmen Tequileria

Carmen Tequileria, a captivating Mexican Tequileria situated on James Street in Brisbane, enlisted the expertise of Electronic Living right from the outset. This exquisite establishment boasts a meticulously curated selection of small-batch artisanal mezcals, Tequila, and Agave-based spirits.
From its inception, Carmen Tequileria sought to create an unparalleled guest experience. Recognising the importance of premium audio solutions in achieving this goal, Carmen partnered with Electronic Living, a leader in commercial & hospitality integration solutions.


Carmen’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, exemplified by its mission to achieve zero-waste cocktail menus, perfectly aligns with Electronic Living’s values. By adopting innovative techniques to reduce waste and energy consumption, Carmen is steadfast in its journey to become an eco-friendly and responsible establishment. The adaptation of a centrally controlled & integrated system, including a premium audio solution, not only enhances the guest experience but also supports Carmen’s dedication to sustainability.

Electronic Living played a pivotal role in enhancing Carmen Tequileria’s operational efficiency and guest experience by providing a range of high-quality solutions. At the forefront of this integration was a premium Bose Professional audio solution.

Key Project Features

  • Bose DesignMAX Speaker System
  • Bose PowerMatch DSP Amplification
  • Hikvision CCTV Surveillance
  • Ubiquity network infrastructure and wireless deployment
  • Centralised Equipment Rack

System Functionality

The heart of Carmen’s premium audio solution is the Bose ControlSpace Remote app, offering wireless control of the Bose Professional system components. Personalised for each end user’s device, this app empowers staff to manage various functions of the system seamlessly:

  • Volume Levels and Mute State: With the ControlSpace Remote app, staff can easily adjust volume levels to create the perfect auditory atmosphere, ensuring every guest’s comfort. Mute state control allows for quick and unobtrusive audio management during live performances or announcements.
  • Source Selection: The app simplifies source selection, enabling staff to effortlessly switch between different audio sources, whether it’s background music, live performances, or announcements. This flexibility ensures Carmen Tequileria can adapt its audio experience to the moment.
  • Parameter Set Recall: The ControlSpace Remote app facilitates the recall of parameter sets, streamlining the configuration of the audio system for different events or atmospheres. This feature ensures consistency and efficiency in managing the premium audio solution.

Whether hosting live performances or creating a relaxing environment, the ControlSpace Remote app empowers Carmen Tequileria to tailor its audio experience to the moment, enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.


The collaboration between Electronic Living and Carmen Tequileria establishes the venue as a leader in sustainable, technologically advanced hospitality, providing an unmatched guest experience empowered by seamless control through the ControlSpace Remote app, reinforced by state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance and a robust network infrastructure system.

Are you a hospitality venue owner looking to elevate your customer experience? Partner with Electronic Living to transform your venue into a technologically advanced and user-friendly space, just like this successful project. Contact us today to discuss how our smart hospitality based technology solutions can enhance your business and create a seamless experience for both your customers and staff. Let us help you set a new standard of excellence in hospitality.

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