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Zig Zag Foundation Charity Luncheon

The Zig Zag foundation is an amazing charity that is close to our hearts here at Electronic Living. As well as supporting thousands of families all over Australia, Zig Zag have supported our Managing Director Damian Cavanagh and his family through their journey with youngest son Archer who was born with a hearing impairment and was a recipient of bilateral cochlear implants. Damian is a proud ambassador of the Zig Zag Foundation and a regular contributor to the charity.

Zig Zag was launched in 2007, is Brisbane based and is run by volunteers. Events are held each year to raise money that is then granted to sick, at risk and underprivileged children. Since 2007, Zig Zag has granted over $1.4m to help children all around Australia! None of this could have been achieved without the wonderful support that has been received from a variety of businesses, the community and amazing volunteers. The Zig Zag Foundation is very close to being 0% admin and 100% charity – so you know your dollar is going directly to help children and not being used for running costs.

Zig Zag Foundation Charity Luncheon

In celebrating Zig Zag Foundations 10th birthday, a charity luncheon was held on Sunday the 22nd October to help raise funds for this amazing cause. Electronic Living donated a 50″ Samsung Ultra HD Smart TV with installation and set up (worth over $2,200 in value). Amazingly, the event raised a total of $45,420!

Damian Cavanagh with Zig Zag Foundation Co-Founder Kim Spillman
Smart TV auction winner Kevin with Damian Cavanagh.
Archer's story

Archer was born with seriously impaired hearing which was a shock to his entire family. What could be done to ensure Archer’s future? The day that Archer received his Cochlear implants was the day his hearing, listening and speaking future began. Today Archer turns 3 years old and his progress is amazing, not missing a moment of every day learning, and his social skills are simply endearing.
Archer’s family are so grateful for the wonderful support that the Zig Zag Foundation and Hear and Say provide. 

The Zig Zag foundation are always in need of items for auctions and raffles such as vouchers, electrical equipment/appliances, tools, holidays, hampers, artwork, furniture, and memorabilia. So if you can donate, or help in any way get in touch here.

Here is a recent video of Archies amazing progress! 

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