Your wish. Your home’s command.

Electronic Living integrates technology into your home without peer…
for considerably less than you would expect from a highly innovative multi-award winner, let alone the acknowledged industry leader.

Everything that opens and shuts, turns on and off, moves up and down and more can do so – automatically, subtly and unobtrusively at your command. It will be the essence of fine living.

More than home theatre, our ingenuity extends to every corner of your home, and complements every facet of your contemporary life.

Just imagine…

• Blinds that know when to open and close, in summer and in winter.
• Lighting that instinctively knows when you’re home and welcomes you.
• Lighting that instinctively knows when you get up in the middle of the night and slowly lights up to a dimmed level to avoid straining your sleepy eyes.
• Your favourite music playing right on cue, at precisely the right volume, in brilliant quadrophonic sound.
• And much more

Electronic Living have refined the magic of integrated home automation.

Our 20-strong team have on average 15 years’ experience, so rest assured we know automated system processes better than anyone. We have the design expertise to be able to share your vision and make it viable, no matter how complex it may seem at first. As excellent communicators we respond quickly, and with your project under the watchful eye of a dedicated Project Manager, we assist in ensuring everything proceeds smoothly and stress free.

It will all be meticulously engineered, with full specifications and CAD drawings proudly presented to you so you visualise exactly how it is all going to come together.

Prior to that, we invite you to make an appointment to visit our exquisite showroom, so you can see prime examples of our cutting edge ingenuity.

The most amazing automation systems you’ve never seen.

As a lot of what we do will be purposefully out of sight, we will provide extensive documentation so you can see what has actually been done. To enhance the performance of your system, we sell exclusive ‘best of breed’ products and we are certified and fully trained in their operation.

Furthermore, Electronic Living have established long-term supplier relationships, so you are guaranteed of a competitive price.

And finally, we don’t do anything “on the run”. Everything is done to a carefully executed plan, based on your present and future needs and designed to generate the system’s longevity.

Step into our state-of-the-art Showroom. By Appointment Only.

To arrange an appointment, please phone 1300 764 554 or contact us.