Mirror TV - As seen on House Rules

Mirror TV - A perfect solution to hide your TV within your decor.

As seen on House Rules!

Interior designers and architects are jumping on board new technology that turns your television into a stylish mirror. It is the perfect solution to incorporate technology into your home, whilst keeping the interior styling at 5 stars!

Mirror TV - OFF - As seen on The Block Mirror TV - ON - As seen on The Block

How does the Mirror TV work?

The technology allows the TV to be hidden behind reflective glass, as you turn the TV on, the mirror becomes clear. The Mirror TV frame is made with Dielectric mineral glass from Germany. The Glass is placed over the TV and sealed to prevent dust and bugs from getting inside. A special feature of our glass is that its clear and a remote sensor extender is fitted when required - or connected to your smart home automation system. When the TV is off, it becomes an elegant mirror with 35% luminous reflection just like a normal mirror. When the TV is on, the TV Mirror automatically and instantly transforms itself into clear, transparent glass enabling you to watch TV.

How long does it take?

The assembly time is approximately two weeks from order.

What sizes are available?

The Mirror TV is available for televisions from 32" up to 75".

How much does the Mirror TV cost?

The cost can vary dramatically depending on the size and frame that you choose. Anywhere from $3,000 and upwards. 

Does Electronic Living install the Mirror TV's?

Absolutely. Our installation team can bring the Mirror TV to your home and mount it onto a bracket on your wall. 

Where can I see the Mirror TV?

The Mirror TV is on display at Electronic Living's Showroom in Virginia. If this product is something you may be interested in seeing in person, please contact us on 1300 764 554 to make an appointment. We have included images of most popular frame samples in the gallery below - please note that there are hundreds of frame colours & styles available to choose from.

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