Lighting Control

Control the mood and ambience of your home with one touch. Intelligent & stylish keypads and touchscreen devices can control lighting settings & scenes, created for your individual requirements.

 Different areas may require different lighting levels depending on the application of the room and by incorporating lighting control this can be easily changed. For example in the bedroom you may have multiple settings on one keypad; one with all lights, another with low light for watching TV and one with just the light above each side of the bed for reading. You could even have a sensor activate select lights when going to the bathroom.

Lighting is a part of the building automation system (C-Bus), its responsible for the mains voltage switching of:

  • Lights
  • Blinds/ Curtains
  • Pumps
  • Ceiling Fan Control
  • Air Conditioning Control

Another feature of lighting control is you can have pre-programmed scenes so if you are going away on holiday or working late, you can have certain areas of the home activate to establish activity to deter any would-be intruders. Should your security system be tripped (by intruder or smoke detector), all the lights can automatically turn on (warding off intruders) and the outside lights will flash so authorities can quickly find your home.

Lighting control not only enables you to easily manage many lighting zones increasing efficiency and security, it's energy efficient reducing running costs by having lights turned off in unused areas or lights at a dimmed level.

Take advantage and control of your new lighting control system by contacting one of our knowlegable automation designers.