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In the past, learning to operate different equipment throughout the home meant using multiple controllers which could be very confusing. Now with a smart home, you can control almost anything at the touch of a single button through stylish and easy to use touch screen remotes or mobile devices. Rather than using serveral different remote controls in each room of your house, with an Electronic Living control system, you will have the ability to control everything through a touchscreen or mobile device. Simply select the room that you are in, then what you would like to watch or listen to and you will be in full control! Control systems aren't only for your AV system - Control your lights, blinds, shades, security, intercom... The list goes on! 

Smart Home Technology - Control4

There are many different types of control systems, and they vary in suitability, depending on the requirements and scale of your home. Some of the brands that you will see featured in the gallery below are:

Control 4




Clipsal CBus

Phillips Dynalite



Today, technology has changed how we experience our homes. In the past, when you wanted to operate different equipment within your home, you would have to use different controllers for every piece of equipment. This was not only cumbersome but also inconvenient. Nowadays, with the birth of smart home apps, you are able to control all your devices and equipment using a single button right from your handheld device, touch screen remote or simply your smartphone. 

What Are Smart Homes?

You may have heard about “smart houses”, and if you haven’t, then we can say that a “smart house” or “smart home” which may also be referred to as “connected home” is a house that uses the latest in technology to control or automate different things in the house. Through the use of Control 4 automation, you can control the AV, shades & blinds, security & CCTV, lights, intercom, air conditioning, and many other appliances in your home. Electronic Living partner with Control4 to supply your smart home with everything from Control4 lighting to Control 4 touch panels and remotes. No matter what Control4 product your home requires, we have you covered. 

Electronic Living is proud to be Queenslands only Control4 Authorised Diamond dealer, servicing Brisbane and throughout Australia. 

Control4 Diamond Dealer Electronic Living

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