CCTV and Security Systems

One of our basic desires is to feel safe inside our buildings and to make sure it’s secure while we are are away. Modern day security systems are reliable and simple enough to use so it won’t be a chore to more often than not, use them. Our clients especially like the ability to integrate security systems with their mobile devices such as iPhones for added user friendliness.

Electronic Living uses industry leading security products that offer a different level of interactivity by playing an important part in the holistic building automation ecosystem; an example of this is the common dectector, it does not need to be doubled up with the lighting system to provide a cross platform motion sensing, this provides overall exceptional value as our clever design of the overall system and not separate stand alone systems. 

Discrete cameras can monitor who is at the front door or gate or watch the kids in the swimming pool and can be controlled and viewed by touch panels or TV's throughout the home. Your security system can also be controlled and viewed on site via Iphone mobile device or over your internet connection on a PC or MAC.

Maximise your buildings protection by contacting one of our trained, licenced security system designers.

  • Axis
  • Dahua
  • Hikvision

We can supply the following brands