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Tradition Meets Technology

After becoming dissatisfied with a previous integration company the homeowners were referred to our company seeking an alternative option.
After subsequent meetings, the fortunate decision was made to choose Electronic Living to provide the complete integration of technology into their beautiful new home without imposing on the traditional style.

Project Overview

From the first meeting with our client, we established a cohesive understanding from which a great relationship rapidly spawned. Working very closely with a shared vision, we designed a system that comprehensively matched all of our client’s needs. We then set out to design a system that not only met all of the originally discussed items but would also incorporate additions/variations discussed during the course of our subsequent meetings.

This project shows that an enormously complex system from a technical sense once integrated professionally can function as an easy-to-use solution for the modern family. By using quality products and the experience our company has to offer, we have provided our clients with a solution accommodating their needs that will be enjoyed now and well into the future.

Project Features

  • Extensive cabling infrastructure (future ready)
  • 4D Cinema room
  • Multi room Audio Visual
  • Security and access control
  • Intercom and integration to phone system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Intuitive control system to control all systems that is simple to use


A smart cabling infrastructure was necessary to connect all areas of the home without having to duplicate equipment. The cabling system catered for all inbound services to be distributed throughout the home such as Foxtel, Free-To-Air analogue and digital TV, phone, internet, access control, including the distribution of a local area network.  All services are located within a dedicated and mechanically ventilated equipment cupboard that conceals 2 x45RU data racks with meticulous attention paid to labeling & pristine cable management. Thus allowing easy access to all devices for servicing & future preventative maintenance.

Audio Visual

A Crestron DigitalMedia 16×16 HDMI solution provides the backbone of this audio/video system coupled with a matching Crestron Sonnex audio solution allowing distribution of all sixteen sources from a centrally located communications room located in the lower level of the home. The Kaleidescape system & additional sources are distributed to nineteen independent areas and the multi-zone aspect of the system allows occupants to enjoy no compromise full 1080P high-definition sources in all areas of the home.

There is an additional two areas providing surround sound which includes a state-of-the-art 4D Home Cinema complete with luxurious D-Box motion seating. These zones also include a local DigitalMedia input plate for gaming consoles or other media devices that may be required from time to time.

All equipment is located within a dedicated and mechanically ventilated equipment cupboard that conceal 2 x45RU data racks with meticulous attention paid to labeling & pristine cable management. Thus allowing easy access to all devices for servicing & future preventative maintenance.


 A Crestron Lighting system controls energy management of lighting & motorised devices in the home including the automation of preset scheduled events such as control of welcome & away scenes. All future customisation of these scenes has been offered to the client via the Crestron touch screens allowing the end user to program & make changes as their requirements change avoiding the need to have our company return for costly service calls due to the homes distant proximity to our office.


The home owner has been provided with a comprehensive network of security devices that will hold up to any test. These devices integrate with the Crestron system allowing the end user to determine the state of each door from a quick glance of any of the homes six touch panels. In addition access control & surveillance cameras are available via a secure VPN thus allowing the home owner to have complete control & monitoring from any off site location via the internet.

The homes gas supply is also connected to a pressure sensor instigating a notification pop up on the Crestron touch screens and instant email notifications to their inbox in the event of a problem with the main supply.


The installation process for this project was meticulously planned from pre-wire to final fit off and commissioning. The most challenging aspect of the project was the distant communication between our company and the client.  At the time of construction the client was living overseas for the large portion of the build & in a completely different time zone. As a result many meetings were conducted via Skype during the weee hours of the morning & important decisions made, all whilst being on opposite sides of the world!

Due to it’s sheer size, the project was installed with the mindset of completing one room at a time before moving to the next. This process was dramatically assisted by pre building the rack system at our office & fully testing all equipment before delivery to site. By opting for this approach, it allowed our installation team to spend far less time on site fault finding & testing. A furniture truck with a hydraulic lifter was also hired for transportation of the system to site as the size of the equipment racks were too large to fit within our company vehicles.

Irrigation of the property is controlled via a high level Rain8Net Pro controller. This device controls the irrigation valves and provides instant feedback to the homeowner.

Anadex Labs water tank sensors where also used to provide instant feedback of tank levels. A customised script was written by our programmer to track daily levels & evaluate fluctuations in daily use, providing invaluable real time information to the client.

Energy consumption is also monitored via an EnviroVision Ethernet connected energy pulse monitor that displays real-time usage of sub circuits directly to the Crestron touch panels, this data can be used to change usage behaviours of the family household aiding in potential subsequent power savings.

A Crestron lighting system also controls energy management of lighting, motorised blinds and awnings in the home whilst dedicated thermostats monitor the homes temperature and stabilise room temperatures accordingly.

We make using smart technology simple.

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