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Hip Hops Brewery

We were honoured to be selected as the preferred Integrated Technology provider for the exciting venture known as Hip Hop Brewers, a dynamic craft brewery located in Brisbane. With a well-established reputation for delivering cutting-edge integrated technology solutions to Brisbane’s hospitality venues, our expertise made us the natural choice for this project.
Nestled in Brisbane’s vibrant northside within the Moreton Bay Region, Hip Hop Brewers emerges as a sprawling industrial-style craft brewery, boasting an impressive 21 taps of fresh brews and boozy seltzers. The Sheds precinct at Brendale welcomes this highly anticipated addition, offering visitors a fairylit corner for intimate conversations, spacious pub-style tables for gatherings, and an outdoor area with recycled picnic tables that provide a charming vantage point to admire the surrounding gardens. But what truly sets Hip Hop Brewers apart is its electric atmosphere, where every note of music, every laugh, and every conversation are brought to life by a meticulously designed audio system. It’s a place where the vibes are as rich as the brews, thanks to Electronic Living’s expertise in creating immersive soundscapes.


Our mission was to enhance the overall experience for both patrons and staff. We aimed to create a venue that seamlessly blended entertainment, connectivity, security and control. To achieve this, we meticulously selected and integrated a suite of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that every aspect of the brewery contributed to its unique atmosphere. The result is Hip Hop Brewers, where music, gatherings, and safety converge effortlessly to create a memorable environment for everyone who steps through the doors.

Key Project Features

  • QSC QSYS DSP platform
  • QSC QSYS Amplifiers
  • Wireless presentation system with large format video display
  • QSC 2-way DMT Speakers (indoor and outdoor/weatherproof versions)
  • Cbus smart integrated scene-based lighting control
  • Custom RGB colour LED lighting control
  • Dahua CCTV surveillance throughout the venue
  • Security alarm system
  • Ubiquity network infrastructure and wireless deployment
  • RTI control system
  • VOIP digital phone system

Systems Integration

Electronic Living’s integration expertise shines through in the carefully selected technologies deployed at Hip Hop Brewers. The QSC QSYS DSP platform and amplifiers ensure pristine audio quality for live music events & functions, while the wireless presentation system facilitates corporate gatherings. QSC’s 2-way DMT Speakers provide clear audio both indoors and outdoors, complemented by Cbus lighting control and custom RGB colour LED lighting to set the perfect mood.

The Dahua CCTV surveillance system ensures safety throughout the venue, while the security alarm system offers peace of mind. Ubiquity network infrastructure guarantees seamless connectivity, and the RTI control system simplifies day-to-day operations. Additionally, the VOIP digital phone system enhances communication efficiency.


The Hip Hop Brewers project exemplifies the successful collaboration between Electronic Living and our client, demonstrating the power of smart integration in the hospitality industry. With cutting-edge technologies such as QSC QSYS, Dahua, and RTI Control, Hip Hop Brewers stands out as a technologically advanced brewery in Brisbane. This project underscores how intelligent solutions can enhance customer experiences.

Are you a hospitality venue owner looking to elevate your customer experience? Partner with Electronic Living to transform your venue into a technologically advanced and user-friendly space, just like this successful project. Contact us today to discuss how our smart integration solutions can enhance your business and create a seamless experience for both your customers and staff. Let us help you set a new standard of excellence in hospitality.

The result is an immersive, user-friendly environment that both our customers and staff love!

We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Electronic Living for our brewery project. Their expertise in integrated technology truly elevated our venue to new heights. The audio system, in particular, has been a game-changer, setting the perfect vibe for our patrons.

The wireless microphones have allowed us to host live music artists, functions, and events seamlessly, enhancing our entertainment offerings. The lighting control and CCTV surveillance have not only boosted our security measures but also added a unique visual appeal to our space.

Electronic Living’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail were evident throughout the project. The result is an immersive, user-friendly environment that both our customers and staff love. We are delighted with the outcome and highly recommend Electronic Living to any business looking to enhance their technology solutions.

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