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Peace of Mind with Home Automation

With smart home automation, you can always be aware of what is going on in and around your home. Never be surprised when a window is left open or a door is unlocked… See how our solutions can be added to maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind.


Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Receive alerts when someone enters the house, the garage door is left open, or a leak is detected in the basement. Intelligent security puts peace of mind at your fingertips so you can rest assured that all is safe.


A Mockupancy™ scene will alternate lights and shades—and even televisions—in a random fashion so that your home simulates your family’s activities to make it appear occupied while you’re away. Mockupancy Scene


As elegant as it is effortless, arm or disarm your security system—or even receive immediate emergency assistance—directly from an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen, TV, or mobile device. On your way out, simply press “Away” to set the alarm, engage the cameras, and lock all doors. Control4 - Smartphone


Using the Control4 App, you can easily monitor cameras that are placed inside or outside of your house. Remotely view live security camera footage straight from your mobile device, and take command of your home, whether you are downstairs or downtown.

Control4 - Intercom Touchpanel


Easily view and manage locks, or grant or remove access to the house. Receive a notification the moment that something isn’t right, such as a pipe leaking in the basement or the garage door left open. Monitor the state of your home, no matter how far away you are. Control4 - Video Monitoring


From across the town to the across the globe, you’re always connected to your home. View cameras, open or close the garage, unlock the front door, even turn the lights on or off. With 4Sight, you can connect to your system while you’re away and control and manage all of your system’s features.


Contact us to discuss your smart home requirements and see how our smart home solutions can give you peace of mind.

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