'V House' Sunshine Coast

CEDIA Multi-Award Winner - Best Integrated Home & Life Lived Best at Home

With a superb location on the banks of the Sunshine Coast's Mooloolah River, this luxury smart home called for only the very best in electrical and integrated technology from Electronic Living.

The project spanned over 2 years, with our team involved in every facet of the build. We were brought into the project to work in close collaboration with Shaun Lockyer Architects and CGH Constructions, and bring our depth of technological knowledge and expertise to this stunning modern masterpiece. Our team handled all aspects from design and cabling, product selection right through to installation and programming - adhearing at all times to the client's expectations for a reliable and high-quality system that is very simple to use.

The team at SLa were also awarded the 2018 Queensland State Architecture Award - Residential Architecture. 

Key project features:

  • Smart Wiring / Structured Cabling "Smart Home" (future ready)
  • Home Entertainment
  • Audio & Visual Distribution to multiple rooms independently
  • Security and CCTV throughout the home
  • Cbus Lighting Control & Automation
  • Blind Control & Automation
  • IT Networking
  • Intercom and integration to phone system / Access Control
  • Intuitive and easy to use touchscreen Control4 system
  • Integration of above systems to automate regular activities and simplify control
  • Equipment that will seamlessly blend with & compliment the décor of the home

Due to the home's beautiful and contemporary architectural design, aesthetics were an important consideration. All equipment has been hidden from view within a dedicated communications room which allows convenient access for future expandability and provides a mechanically ventilated thermostate controlled environment helping prolong the life and reliability of the system.

Full home lighting and blind control are accessed through touchscreens and smart light switches - the user can select from a range of customised scenes, for example:

  • "Home" - Turns on the lights on the pathway from the garage to the kitchen and bedroom. 
  • "Goodnight" - Progressively turns off all of the lights in the house and close all of the blinds.

A state of the art security and CCTV system was installed that can be viewed, monitored and controlled via touch panels throughout the home and is also available on each of the family members smart devices. This is of particular benefit for our client as they are often based internationally, so it provides them the ability to monitor their home at all times. Family members are notified on their smart devices if a security breach was to occur, and the security monitoring company is also immediately advised. An audio and video intercom system also lets the client see who is at their front door and allows access to their visitors froom multiple devices when both home and away.

2018 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winner: Best Integrated Home Level I

"Our winner here is an integration that's simple to use, reliable, and expandable. Due to the nature of the build, all walls, floors, and ceilings were cast in concrete on site which meant meticulous attention to detail was required in the initial planning to ensure a conduit cable plan was executed with precision. It meant the team had to be on-site for every pour to ensure the conduits were properly located and back box terminations were cast for all locations. Every single cable in this house was installed into conduit and redundancy was factored into the cable design, as there would never be a second chance to install later due to the selected construction methods." - CEDIA

2018 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winner: Life Lived Best at Home

"This award highlights an entry that has showcased how technology has maximised and enhanced the client's lifestyle, providing functionality, convenience, aesthetics, and efficiency." - CEDIA

2018 CEDIA Best Integrated Home Level I     2018 CEDIA Award Life Lived Best at Home

Architect: Shaun Lockyer Architects
Builder: CGH Constructions
Photography: Scott Burrows & John Downs.

The ‘V House’ represents one of our best examples of successful collaboration with design and services integration. The house was wholly conceived as a singular idea that needed to be executed in a very precise way, given the unforgiving nature of the architecture and materials. Working with Electronic Living on many projects previously gave us the confidence and insight into what they were capable of adding to the V House – their involvement, from the concept stage through to completion, afforded us the opportunity to achieve the most seamless possible and reliable automated outcome for our clients. The results speak for themselves, with the house enjoying unparalleled functionality and faultless technology integration, all perfectly executed and simply delivered. The contribution that Electronic Living provide continues to be a wonderful value-add for our clients and it is always a pleasure to work alongside them in every aspect of the projects – from design and documentation to construction and delivery. Their professionalism, generosity and client-focus aligns very much with our own value system and we look forward to offering our clients the benefits of smart home integration through Electronic Living in the future.