Las Palmas

Incorporating the latest in smart home technology from Control4 & many other class leading brands, Las Palmas is a mid-century modern smart home perched along the banks of the beautiful Noosa River. Due to the mid-century modern design, our client had little desire to see “tech”, so we were able to balance modern amenities & technology whilst remaining true to classic 60’s style. This is the thought process behind the TV that pops up from a sideboard, speakers mounted cleverly in-ceiling & virtually invisible, sensors placed discretely and security cameras carefully selected to look like lights. All technology has been masterfully installed & remains unobtrusive and subtle at all times allowing it to blend within the swingin’ style of the home whilst remaining true to our clients desire to include a smart home technology solution that is befitting of a modern 21st century home.

Featured as a groovy retro talking piece, a premium Hi Fi record player is cleverly integrated into the house system, which is positioned proudly near the main entrance & perfectly frames the mix of old & new style within the home – it all appears mid-century, but has the capabilities and qualities of a smart home straight out of the Jetsons!

Las Palmas is like a duck – it looks graceful and uncomplicated above water, but underneath, technically, it is a V8 firing on all cylinders!

Key project objectives:

Architect: Tim Ditchfield Architects
Builder: GV Emanuel
Photographer: Scott Burrows Photographer
Videography: X Media