Charities We Support

Zig Zag Foundation Charity

Year after year the Zig Zag Foundation continue to support Australian families with sick, at risk & underprivileged children. The Foundation is made up of a wonderfully caring team of people from all walks of life, sharing a common goal of providing as much funding for children in need. It is our honour to play a small role in supporting this fantastic charity because every cent counts.

Hear and Say Charity

Hear and Say are a not-for-profit organisation and must raise more than $10,000 each year, for up to five years, to teach one child with hearing loss to listen and speak. Hear and Say is a member of First Voice, the national voice for member organisations whose primary focus is the provision of listening and spoken language therapy services in Australia and New Zealand.

Ginger Cloud Foundation

The GingerCloud Foundation is a Non for Profit Organisation, founded by Megan and Anthony Elliott in January 2014 to support families whose children learn and perceive differently. The GingerCloud Foundation will help families develop their own roadmap to enable their children to grow, to access opportunities to reach their full potential in life and to become everything they can be. Its focus is to empower, engage and equip parents whose children learn and perceive differently to take ownership of their child’s individual developmental pathway.