Cinema Seating and DBox

The patented, award-winning D-BOX™ integrated motion system provides dramatic, realistic motion that is perfectly synchronized with onscreen action and sound for an experience beyond your wildest imagination. D-BOX™'s cutting-edge technologies and products are the final link in the convergence of audio and video into a completely immersive multimedia experience.

The D-BOX™ integrated motion system is a unique, patented technology of integrated D-BOX™ MOTION CODE™ (IMC), motion controllers and actuators to provide the added dimension of motion to movies. The system is comprised of three main components.

Integrated D-BOX™ MOTION CODE™

D-BOX™ programmers create the information to direct the actuator motion which is embedded in the seat or platform by encoding each movie frame-by-frame. This information becomes the D-BOX™ MOTION CODE™ stored in the motion controller (or PC). D-BOX™ currently offers over 650 encoded movies and television series. More titles are added every month. All of these codes are with the D-BOX™ purchase and updates are included with your D-BOX™ MOTION CODE™ subscription.

Motion Controller

When a movie is loaded in your DVD player, the motion controller automatically recognizes the movie and loads the appropriate D-BOX™ MOTION CODE™ (The codes are synchronized to the movie and motion commands are sent to the actuators). There are two types of motion controllers; the Model 340C Standalone motion controller, and the Model PC3 Motion controller interface used in conjunction with a PC running Windows™ 2000 or XP operating system.

Motion seating

The actuators act simultaneously in response to the commands from the motion controller. Seating options may be Jaymar individual or love seats.

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