Irrigation Control

A smart irrigation system ensures all your plants receive the right amount of water without wasting a drop.

Keeping the grass and plants looking their best requires conscientious watering, at the very least. A seemingly easy task, it’s can end up being the bane of your backyard. Too much or too little water can jeopardize the health of the greenery—taking your home’s curb appeal to ground zero. Yanking a hose around the yard is no fun, and there’s no way of knowing when to stop watering. A sprinkler system is a better option, but again, creating a watering schedule is like pinning down a time for a family dinner: you never really know if it’s going to work or if everyone will be adequately fed.

Thankfully, lawn irrigation systems have become a lot smarter over the past few years. They are easier to program, more automated, and able to synch with other home electronic systems, like smart home systems from Control4. From an app on your smartphone rather than complicated timers mounted in the garage you can monitor and manage a watering schedule that makes sense. Some irrigation systems can even be controlled with your voice. Should a pop-up rainstorm hit, just tell Alexa to stop watering the grass.