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Imagine watching your favourite movie, sporting finals or playing the latest and greatest game on the big screen. Whether it’s a dedicated home cinema room or open plan living area, careful planning is essential so you and your guests can get the best experience from your system.

Seeking professional advice is important as key design elements like room dimensions, placement of equipment and seating, doorways, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and light all play a part in the visual and sound quality of your system.

Electronic Living is a Home Cinema specialist offering quality products, expert advice and award winning cinema installations.

To compliment the technology and provide the ultimate cinematic feel, you might want to consider authentic home theatre seating. Go the extra step and really impress your guest with the D Box motion chairs. Placement of seating in regards to visibility of the screen and sound quality will ensure that every one gets the “best seat in the house”.

There are many benefits to investing in your own home theatre beyond mere enjoyment. Consider the following:

  • Home Theatres are great for entertaining

Sitting down in a comfortable chair to watch your favourite sport or blockbuster movie is a special kind of enjoyment, furthermore you are able to share this experience with those closest to you. A home theatre will become the go-to place for your family & friends to gather and watch the big game. Your kids will be able to invite their friends over for movie nights and sleepovers in the privacy and security of your own home. You’ll create lasting memories with your family as they gather in your theatre spending priceless quality family time together.

  • Home Theatres are designed just for you

Just as their name implies, home theatres are built for you in your home. This means concerts, movies, and sporting events enjoyed in your house become private viewings for you and your guests. You’ll be able to pick the equipment, the furniture, and the room which comprise your home theatre which all adds to the enjoyment when you make use of this dedicated space. Your home theatre is yours alone, and there won’t be another exactly like it, a large benefit for those who value exclusivity and displaying a little of their own personality.

Tired of going out watching your favourite movies? Why have date nights from the cinema when you can have them from the comfort of your own home? Technology has advanced and home cinema is now one of the greatest entertainment options for all types of people. When it comes to installing your own home cinema, you need to be creative and resourceful in the best possible way.

Now more than ever, home cinemas are a popular choice when turning one's house into a home; thanks to modern technology & a greater range of choices of brands, home cinemas are within reach for most family homes & won’t break the bank. The team of experts at Electronic Living can assist you every step of the way from mounting your TV, installing your sound system & cinema seating

Think about what you want from your own home cinema. Do you want something that has a lot of glass and an eye catching design or something that is more sleek & minimal? Whatever your design preferences, the home cinema installation team from Electronic Living can make your dream a reality. 

Next is the layout of your home cinema. Our team can assist you with home theatre design that fits your vision & budget.

Electronic Living are the home cinema installation experts in Brisbane, so If you are ready for the next step, contact us today!