Facial Recognition, Fingerprint & Biometrics

Imagine if your home could truly ‘know’ you. Imagine if by simply walking through your front door, your multi-room audio system started playing on your favourite song and your lights adjusted automatically to the level you prefer.

‘Biometrics’ are measurements of your personal characteristics and you are most likely already using them to access technology daily.

Just like how fingerprint and retina scans on mobile phones have become the norm, biometrics can now be implemented as part of a smart home automation system, which makes it possible to truly tailor your home experience around your personal needs and desires.

Facial recognition technology

Incorporate Facial recognition technology into your smart home

The team at Electronic Living supplies a number of market-leading solutions from brands like Invixium that when integrated into a larger control system from the likes of Control4, elevate how you interact with your home. From facial recognition to fingerprint scanners, these vandal-resistant systems mean you can throw away your keys or simply trigger a unique lighting scene that allows you to live your best life. Complete with proximity sensors to ensure energy efficiency and a high-resolution screen so you can read whatever is displayed, these devices can also feature a microphone and speaker so they also act as a two-way intercom system.

Further, you can set restrictions on some guests, to limit which parts of the house they can access. This is particularly convenient if you have a tradesperson working on-site while you are at work.

For commercial clients, Invixium’s range of biometric scanners offers a secure and robust method of controlling access to your facility and timecard tracking.

Workplace facial recognition

Keep your staff safe with touchless temperature sensing at your workplace

These devices can also check for elevated body temperatures, which has become ever so important with Covid-19 in today’s environment. Further, given that staff responsible for taking temperatures can’t do so in adherence to social distancing requirements, a touchless system like those from Invixium allows you to keep all staff and guests safer.

Temperature sensing facial recognition covid-19

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