Climate / Air Conditioning Control

It's more than just a thermostat

Climate control is more than just programming your thermostat. It’s about driving home from your holiday and ramping up the air-con from your smartphone before you arrive. It’s your smart home system automatically sensing the outside temperature, season or time of day and adjusting the inside temperature accordingly. It’s about intelligent temperature control, personalised just as you desire, making your home more comfortable, and saving some “green” at the same time.

Control 4 Climate Control Thermostat

Forget About Ever Touching that Thermostat Again

With a Control4 thermostat you can place hidden remote temperature sensors throughout your house so you'll always have the perfect temperature no matter which room you're in. And by using the beautiful interface from a touch screen or the Control4 app to adjust the settings, you're able to put the actual thermostat in a closet instead of having it clutter up the wall.

Control4 Climate Control smart app

Smart Blinds & Fireplace

Climate control involves more than just adjusting your thermostat. What if your shades could roll up and down in tune with the sunrise and sunset? Well they can, and a smart home control system can make it happen. Or we can program your smart fireplace to fire up when you walk in a room. Our Comfort Solutions can make sure your house is the perfect temperature, day or night.

Smart Blinds UP Smart Blinds MID Smart Blinds DOWN


Climate control is just one smart home solution that Electronic Living offers. By integrating climate control with the rest of your home, your home truly becomes smart. Contact our team today to discuss how we can make your home, smart.