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We know that sitting down in a comfortable chair to watch your favourite sport or blockbuster movie is a special kind of enjoyment. A home theatre should feel like a special destination in your house—the one place you can retreat for a couple of hours to escape from reality and be transported into another world. The place you like to visit frequently with friends and family to enjoy the latest blockbuster releases—but without walking out with a backache from sitting in a poorly constructed seat.

You can even take your movie viewing experience to a whole new level by incorporating a product called a “tactile transducer” underneath the chair. Designed to sync with the movie action, it shakes and vibrates the seat so you feel what’s happening on the screen. These products add another sensory experience to your theatre—touch—for special effects that turn your room into a 4D theatre.

At Electronic Living, we partner with the best Cinema Seating manufacturers in the world:

Elite Home Theatre Seating

Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of Ultra Luxury Theater Seating for residential and commercial projects. Every Elite HTS chair must fulfill the 4 C’s of their Diamond Standard criteria of: Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization and Customer Services. Because Elite HTS custom manufacture each chair, they are able to provide you with personal customisation to ensure that each chair has maximum comfort, durability, and styling you desire and deserve.


RowOne® has the quality entertainment and seating comfort, and the value you’re looking for in your home. For your seating, select from a large selection of fabrics, gels, bonded leathers, leather/matches and 100% leathers, and all in the colors you need to create that perfect look. RowOne® designs allow for putting your room together with the home entertainment look of sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and traditional home theater rows, both straight and curved.

Sunshine Cinema Seats

With ten years of experience working in one of the Sunshine Coast's most awarded Home Theatre companies, SCS Director Karen Voyzey, is uniquely qualified to understand what transforms a good media room into a great one. Their range of ergonomically designed, high perfomance and supremely comfortable cinema seats are the ultimate finishing touch for your home entertainment project.


Manhattan cinema recliners are meticulously designed in Australia to give you the best possible value for money in home cinema seating. Using quality parts from around the world Manhattan have designs to suite very taste, and unlimited finish options to give you the only true custom finish to suit your personal style.


Achieve unprecedented visceral impact and immersion with Crowson Tactile Motion. Transform your chair into an active home theater component that delivers sound energy, motion and vibration directly to your body. Experience 4D theater. More than your sub can deliver: Tactile Motion doesn't replace subwoofers; it perfectly complements them. Crowson actuators deliver necessary impact when large or multiple subwoofers are not practical. Control each chair separately: Why fight over volume? With Crowson Actuators, satisfy low and high intensity preferences simultaneously – even side by side. Loud Bass Feels so good! But it's not worth permanent hearing loss. With Crowson Tactile Motion, safely experience the powerful FEEL of bass, without excessive loudness or dangerous Sound Pressure Levels.

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