Luxury Marine

Consider the bar well and truly raised.

Electronic Living’s incomparable entertainment and automation systems are too good to be confined to land. Our marine systems are more than world-class, they can GO anywhere in the world. Fully waterproof, they perform in the harshest, saltiest environments (which also makes them ideal for ocean front homes) and can stand up to virtually anything the seven seas can throw at them.

Furthermore, they can be meticulously and seamlessly integrated with the existing décor, and components such as speakers can be made totally invisible to the naked eye.

Our fastidious technicians understand that yachts are different to homes; they’re far more luxurious for a start.

When only the very best is ever good enough.

The spaces on luxury yachts are invariably more confined – in fact space is at a premium – but that doesn’t limit our innovative thinking, or compromise our standards.

All modesty aside, marine automation represents some of our finest work and we are proud.

Commencing with painstakingly-designed structured cabling that allows any source to be individually selected in any section of your vessel, our integrated infrastructure incorporates such things as:

• On-board Cinemas with High Definition Video
• Satellite TV
• Intelligent Lighting Control
• CCTV and Access Control
• State-of-the-art Security
• Whole-of-Yacht Audio
• Interactive Touch Panels
• Marine Telecommunications

If it sounds complex, it is… yet our technicians make it the essence of simplicity and take the time to bring you fully up to speed with each and every facet of its operation.

Discuss your ideas with our Marine Automation specialists today. Call 1300 764 554 or visit our Showroom today and discover the possibilities.