The Beach House

The foundation for the design of the systems in this project was to provide an easy to use solution for this large family's home entertainment needs, with the addition of the latest advancements in smart home technology.

Key Design Objectives:

  • Seamlessly blend with the décor of the home
  • Intuitive and easy to use control system
  • Two home theatre zones
  • Sound and vision distributed to multiple rooms independently
  • Automated lighting
  • Security and Access control throughout the property

System and design

The system comprised of two home theatres with a whole house audio visual system that enables family members to enjoy different sound or video sources in different areas of the home without disturbing each other.  The entire system is controlled by a combination of in-wall Crestron touch-screens and multiple RTI walkabout touch-screen controllers that were customised to the homeowners’ needs and wishes. The homeowners are able to transform the entire residence and wow their guests at a moments notice from any of the conveniently placed touch-screens.

All multi-room speakers and control touch-panels were flush mounted and colour matched to suit the wall or surface colour for discreet aesthetics.  To minimise unnecessary clutter a dedicated communications cupboard was built adjoining the media room to house the central equipment in a custom designed rack, that offered neat and efficient cable management facility.  Designing the system and smart wiring in this manner resulted in each room containing only minimal equipment, such as the flat panel television and touch-screen remote control.

Beyond the audio visual systems this home also contains a mass of other integrated technologies including Broadband internet, console gaming, high definition television, IPOD music server, DVD, Pay TV, motorised blinds, automated lighting control, security / access control, telephone / intercom and visual access of surveillance cameras positioned around the home.


The home was designed and constructed in such a way as to fully exploit its beachfront location and ocean views.  The complication with such a view is the high level of ambient light introduced into the living environment which is detrimental to the viewing quality of the visual display devices.  Working collaboratively with the client and interior designer resulted in the inclusion of motorised blinds into these areas and integration into the simple to use control system.  This effectively overcame the issue and further enhanced the viewing experience and mood.

Another notable challenge was the use of tiles throughout the large entertaining areas, which typically makes most music or movies sound quite harsh or brittle and lacking in warmth and bass.  Much consideration went into the selection, positioning and calibration of sound equipment for these areas and it resulted in a system that accurately reproduced music and movies as the original artists and movie directors intended.


As with all Electronic Living designs the final solution is to compliment the clients’ spectacular home and simplify the way in which they live in this home.  The end result is a high quality, unobtrusive and most importantly an incredibly simple integrated system to use, one of which has exceeded the clients’ expectations and is the pride & envy of those who experience its simplicity & performance.