Resort-Style Living

With the spectacular location of this property, overlooking Queensland's islands, the owners wanted the benefits of modern technology without detracting from the magnificent architecture and view. They also needed a simple approach to control the home's various systems with a range of 'set-and-forget' automated scheduling as the owner did not want to be a 'slave to his home'.

Key Design Objectives:

  • Smart Wiring
  • Lighting Control & Energy Management
  • Security CCTV & Surveillance
  • Intercom & Access Control
  • Home Entertainment
  • IT network & Computer needs
  • Home Automation
  • Integration of above systems to automate regular activities and simplify control

System and design

The design approach was to provide a seamless easy to use solution to controlling all electronic components within the home. Another major element was the discrete implementation of equipment so the architecture & interior design remain the primary focus at all times.


A smart cabling infrastructure was necessary to connect all areas of the home without having to duplicate equipment. The cabling system catered for all inbound services to be distributed throughout the home such as Foxtel, Free-To-Air analogue and digital TV, audio, phone, internet,security/surveillence, access control, including the distribution of a local area network.  

Audio Visual

It must be an exquisite dilemma for the owners, dividing their attention between the spectacular view and the home's four entertainment areas. Thanks to the system's clever design, they can actually enjoy both - from the wall-mounted plasma televisions and discrete in-ceiling speakers in the outdoor pavilion area and master bedroom to the impressive motorised plasma that emerges from the floor in the living area. Even the dedicated 3D home cinema has a view whilst still providing an intimate escape from the open plan  living areas upstairs. The cinema features 7.2 surround sound and 117" Cinemascope screen and projector with anamorphic motorised lens. This means the owner can watch movies as they would in a commercial cinema, with no loss of image to black bars on widescreen films. The cinema also includes a DigitalMedia input plate for gaming consoles and other media devices.

All services are located within a dedicated and mechanically ventilated storage room located in the homes basement. With meticulous attention paid to labelling & pristine cable management allows easy access to all devices for servicing & future preventative maintenance.

Control System

The intelligent Crestron Automation System allows the client to control all devices such as TV, video, audio, internet, lighting, access control and security from any area in or outside via convenient and easy to use in wall or handheld touch screen remotes and iPad.


A Dynalite Lighting system controls energy management of all lighting, motorised louvres and blinds in the home including the automation of preset scheduled events such as control of welcome & away scenes. These can also be controlled by the Crestron automation system and have been programmed to automatically open/close at pre-selected times of the day to assist in cross ventilation and to further aid in the consumption of less energy required by the home's air conditioning systems which in turn reduces the environmental footprint of the building. All future customisation of these scenes has been offered to the client via the touch screens allowing the end user to program & make changes as their requirements change avoiding the need to have our company return for costly service calls. In essence any preset or custom schedule can be changed on the fly without the need of our technicians.


Another impressive feature of the home is the comprehensive security system also integrated into the Crestron system allowing the owner to determine the state of selected zones by a quick glance of any of the touch screens. In addition, access control & surveillance cameras are available via a secure VPN thus allowing the home owner to have complete control & monitoring from any off site location via the internet.

Intercom, Access Control and Telephone System

Control of intercom and access control system can also be controlled via the easy to use touch panels located throughout the home.


From where our company is based the home is located 1100km north of our office in Brisbane. This meant that the installation process would need to be segmented into separate trips to ensure that our visits to site aligned with other trades also involved in the project and that no lost time or unproductive trips were incurred along the way. This process was dramatically assisted by pre building the rack system at our office & fully testing all equipment before delivery to site. By opting for this approach, it allowed our installation team to spend far less time on site fault finding & testing. In addition all programming was provided by remote access from our office

In conclusion the final result is a home that is energy efficient,  secure & intelligent in it’s automated approach to handling many of the homes day to day tasks. The system provides a myriad of entertainment options for the entire family to enjoy which inherently ads an intrinsic value to the overall enjoyment of living in the home. The complete discretion of hardware & the sheer simplicity of operation make this project worthy of its owners praises.