Multi-million Dollar Renovation

Amazing makeover: This is what a multi-million dollar home renovation looks like

65 Victoria Avenue, Chelmer is a recently completed renovation featuring a fully integrated smart home system.

Distributed smart home technology throughout the home

With a fully ventilated AV rack located discretely under the stairs - this is the smart home hub of the entire house. With the “brains” of the smart home located in one centralised point and cabling infrastructure throughout, the home is set up for distributed AV throughout (allowing you to watch any connected source i.e. Foxtel, Apple TV etc. on any TV in the house, or through the projector in the Cinema). Distributed audio paired with your music streaming services (such as Spotify or Deezer) allows you to play your music in any single room or multiple rooms grouped together, via the discrete in-ceiling speakers throughout.

Cbus Smart Lighting & Fans

Cbus light switches throughout, as well as fully integrated lighting control through the Control4 system. Automated scenes are currently set up in the home, however these can be adjusted and programmed to suit your lifestyle – such as “Welcome” to turn on your lights from your front door to your kitchen, or “Goodnight” to slowly turn off all of the lights throughout your home leaving perhaps a front porch light on. All Cbus and Control4 programming is fully customisable with Electronic Living.


Free Control4 app on any mobile devices and 7” on-wall touch-panels located in the Kitchen and Master Bedroom, allowing full control of all integrated systems, answering the intercom, viewing CCTV cameras, checking or arming/disarming the alarm system, access control, AV control.

Media Room

130” Motorised Projector screen, with motorised masking for the ability to switch between 16:9 to 2.35:1 aspect ratio. 4K Sony projector and 5.1 Surround sound system (front in-wall speakers, rear in-ceiling speakers, subwoofer.

Integrated Irrigation Control

The irrigation system at this home is connected to the Control4 system, allowing you to set schedules and timers on your irrigation system.

QNAP NAS Multimedia storage

Located in the AV rack, allowing distribution of your multimedia throughout the home to any connected TV/projector.

Pakedge IT Network

Combined with robust hardware and enterprise-grade chipsets, the Pakedge IT network has been designed to deliver world-class performance and faster speeds to more devices at an extended range – a reliable WiFi network, no matter how tough the environment.

Security Alarm System

Ness M1 security alarm system with back to base monitoring.

CCTV Surveillance

This home has the ability to view footage from the CCTV cameras on the Control4 touch panels, Control4 app on any connected smart phone app (anywhere in the world with an internet connection), or via the TV’s/projector.

Access Control

Keyless entry at the front door, access via personalised programmed codes, or via the Control4 touch panels / Control4 mobile app.