Master Builders Home of the Year

'Keep it simple" was the brief from our client for this project. Behind the easy to use custom designed  RTI control system interface for Apple devices lies full integration of audio visual and entertainment, security and CCTV, intercom and access control, wired and wireless data, motorised blinds and C-Bus lighting.

Home Entertainment

The clients’ requirements were that all visible devices be modern and carefully positioned to be unobtrusive and to not interfere with the homes meticulous interior design elements. Placement of
components, such as TVs and iPad docks were carefully considered to ensure continuity throughout the home. With this in mind the 50” television in the master bedroom motorises from the ceiling when turned on & is completely out of sight when not in use. The Television in the lounge room has been recessed into the custom stone wall & a custom made sound bar was selected to match the profile of the TV coupled with a concealed subwoofer to ensure clean lines and to avoid unsightly speaker placement in keeping with a modern approach & more importantly the client brief.

Lighting control and energy management

A Cbus lighting system controls energy management of lighting & motorised window treatments in the home including the automation of preset scheduled events such as control of welcome & away scenes & preset modes programmed for automatic activation of both morning & night functions. It also handles the control of all external water features & pool/spa functions.
All future customisation of these scenes has been offered to the client via the custom designed RTI user interface which includes an inbuilt scheduler allowing the end user to program & make changes on the fly as their requirements change avoiding the need to have our company return for costly service calls as a result of the clients evolving needs.

The C-Bus system was programmed to only reach 85% maximum brightness at any given time & occupancy sensors have been used in several areas to further aid in the consumption of less energy & reduce the environmental footprint of this waterfront property. This coupled with the use of LED energy efficient lamps enabled the lighting system to conform with section J of the building code. Motorised blinds have also been programmed on timers to automatically open/close at pre selected times of day to assist in cross ventilation & reduction of heat to reduce the consumption of power required by the homes air conditioning systems.

Intercom, Access control, Security and Sureveillence

Intercom & access control of gates & doors has also been provided & is closely monitored by the homes 8 digital SDI surveillance cameras in conjunction with the homes integrated alarm system. All systems can be controlled with iPads and iPhones using the RTI control system interface.

This system is an excellent example of a well conceived and executed whole house integrated system all within the constraints of a modest budget. The system design utilises leading edge technologies with best of breed product selection but most importantly to the client, the design is sensitively integrated into the architectural elements and décor of this special home & is incredibly simple to use.