Inner City Modern

This project certainly had it's challenges from the start however  it was obvious this was going to be a fun project to be involved in as both the owners loved technology & demonstrated absolute enthusiasm towards all elements of home automation. The result being a multi awarded system from CEDIA for Best Media Room under $30,000 and Best Integrated Residential installation $250,000 - $500,000.

Key Design Objectives:

  1.  Smart Wiring
  2. Lighting Control & Energy Management
  3. Security CCTV & Surveillance
  4. Intercom, VOIP & Access Control
  5. Home Entertainment
  6. IT network & Computer needs
  7. Home Automation
  8. Integration of above systems to automate regular activities and simplify control

System and design

The design approach with this enormously complex system was to provide a seamless easy to use solution to controlling all electronic components within the home. Another major element was the discrete implementation of equipment so the architecture & interior design remain the primary focus at all times.


A smart cabling infrastructure was necessary to connect all areas of the home without having to duplicate equipment. The cabling system catered for all inbound services to be distributed throughout the home such as Foxtel, Free-To-Air analogue and digital TV, audio, phone, internet,security/surveillence, access control, including the distribution of a local area network.  

Audio Visual

A Crestron DigitalMedia 16x16 HDMI solution provides the backbone of this audio/video system coupled with a matching Crestron Sonnex audio solution allowing distribution of all sixteen sources from a centrally located communications room located in the lower level of the home. All audio and video are distributed throughout the home and the multi-zone aspect of the system allows occupants to enjoy no compromise full 1080P high definition independent sources in all areas of the home at the same time.

There is an additional two areas providing surround sound which includes a Media room incorporating  an interactive whiteboard wall for conducting training & presentations & with the push of a button converts into a 5.1 Home Theatre system. The second surround zone is located in the living room & incorporates an 85” Panasonic 3D plasma television complimented with a 5.2 surround system that is completely invisible thanks to a custom made Snaptex wall system. Both these zones also include a local DigitalMedia input plate for gaming consoles or other media devices that may be required from time to time.

All services are located within a dedicated and mechanically ventilated storage room located in the homes basement that conceal 2 x45RU Hallam equipment racks wiAll other devices such as TV, video, audio, internet, irrigation, access control and security can be controlled from any area in or outside by the Crestron automation system via convenient and easy to use in wall or handheld touch screen remotes and meticulous attention paid to labelling & pristine cable management. Thus allowing easy access to all devices for servicing & future preventative maintenance.

Control System

The intelligent Crestron Automation System allows the client to control all devices such as TV, video, audio, internet, lighting, access control and security from any area in or outside via convenient and easy to use in wall or handheld touch screen remotes and iPad.


A C-Bus Lighting system controls energy management of lighting & motorised devices in the home including the automation of preset scheduled events such as control of welcome & away scenes. Push notifications are triggered by certain events highlighted as important to the owner thus providing  real time feedback via portable devices whilst in & away from the home.All future customisation of these scenes has been offered to the client via the Crestron touch screens allowing the end user to program & make changes as their requirements change avoiding the need to have our company return for costly service calls. In essence any preset or custom schedule can be changed on the fly without the need of our technicians.


Another impressive feature of the home is the comprehensive security system also integrated into the Crestron system allowing the owner to determine the state of selected zones by a quick glance of any of the touch screens. In addition, access control & surveillance cameras are available via a secure VPN thus allowing the home owner to have complete control & monitoring from any off site location via the internet.

Intercom, Access Control and Telephone System

An integrated VOIP phone system has been supplied & cleverly ties in with the homes multiple intercom & access control locations. Control of intercom and access control system can also be controlled via the easy to use touch panels.


The installation process was drawn out with this project due to the initial builder going bankrupt during the course of construction. This meant that much of the original communication with original trades was wasted & needed to be reconstituted with the new contractors.

The contract was then divided into 2 segments which resulted in the pre wire & any item related to construction to be handled via the builder leaving a second contract covering remaining hardware & fit out & commissioning with the owner.

The home was designed and constructed in such a way as to fully exploit its views of the CBD. The complication with enjoying such a view is the high level of ambient light introduced into the living environment which is detrimental to the viewing quality of the visual display devices. Working collaboratively with the client and interior designer resulted in the inclusion of motorised blinds into these areas and integration into the Crestron control system. This effectively overcame the issue and further enhanced the user experience when using the homes entertainment systems.

Another notable challenge was the use of polished concrete throughout the homes entertaining areas, which typically means that audio quality can be diminished & sound a little harsh or brittle and lacking in warmth and bass. Much consideration went into the selection, positioning and calibration of sound equipment for these areas which resulted in a system that accurately reproduces music and movies without compromising the homes contemporary design.