Heavenly Highvale

CEDIA Multi-Award Winner - Best Home Cinema & Best Dressed AV Rack

Perched up on a hill in Highvale, this beautiful custom built home features a fully-fledged home automation system, integrating everything from Smart Lighting and Audio Visual to CCTV and Security into one easy to use platform - Control4

Key project features:

  • Extensive cabling infrastructure (future ready).
  • Smart Wiring / Structured Cabling.
  • 4K Home Cinema.
  • 4K Audio & Visual Distribution to 10 zones throughout the home.
  • Security and CCTV throughout the property.
  • IT Networking 
  • Integrated Lighting and full control of all blinds & curtains.
  • Intercom and integration to phone system / Access Control.
  • Energy efficiency / Energy Management.
  • Intuitive and easy to use touchscreen control system via mobile, tablet & touchscreen devices.
  • Integration of above systems to automate regular activities and simplify control.
  • Customised smart home scenes programmed to suit our clients lifestyle - such as "Welcome" "Goodnight" "Goodbye" as well as a "Panic" scene which turns on certain lights throughout the home and turns televisions on to CCTV view, giving our client piece of mind in the event of an intrusion.
  • The ability to view their CCTV cameras on the mobile devices from anywhere in the world, which was very important to our client as they spend a lot of their time internationally.
  • Incorporate our clients existing server equipment into a new AV Rack, which had no compromise on our rack design/layout.

2018 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winner: Best Dressed AV Rack

"Although this project picked up Finalist honors in two other categories, it was the stellar equipment room that took the grand prize. The judges were blown away by this system. The fact that the gear is completely accessable on both sides of the rack is a big plus. The racks are in an equipment room that has doors which open both back and front, revealing beautiful cable management and precise attention to detail." - CEDIA

2018 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winner: Best Home Cinema

2018 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Finalist: Best Integrated Home Level II

Our clients had a desire for a dedicated home cinema space in the home to cater for their audio visual appetite. On the video front we provided an anamorphic projection system that incorporates a ceiling mounted projector that can natively handle the anamorphic conversion of feature films. The screen is acoustically transparent, allowing the ability for sound (left, centre & right speakers) to travel through. This also provides an aesthetically pleasing design to the room keeping the speakers out of sight.
The audio system is of high performance whilst remaining respectful of the rooms modest size & remains virtually unseen. Cinema acoustics were incorporated to enable the system to realise its full listening potential, strategically placed throughout the room by our cinema designer, to reflect sound to exact listening locations. This Home Cinema is fully functional from our client’s phones, iPads & local Control4 touch panel for simplicity & also mimics the operation of all other zones in the home by incorporating the local sources as well as the shared sources from the homes distribution head end (AV Rack). The fully customised CBus lighting system also extends to this space & provides full control from smart devices in addition to preset scenes, for example:

  • "Watch Movie" - Preparing the room for movie time and dimming the lights to the clients desired level.
  • "Intermission" - Toilet break time! Movie paused - lights come on. 
  • "Mood" - Lights dimmed to a desired level specified by our client.

The final result is a home that is intelligent, secure and provides a myriad of entertainment options for the whole family to enjoy. The complete discretion of hardware, ease of accessibility for servicing, and the sheer simplicity of operation makes this project one our company is truly proud to provide to our valued client. 

2018 CEDIA Best Dressed Rack       2018 CEDIA Best Home Cinema

Builder: McLachlan Homes
Photography: John Downs