Cinema Spectacular

CEDIA Award Finalist for Best Home Theatre 2016

After an initial 5 ½ hour project brief and a thorough demonstration of the reference level Home Cinema in our showroom, creating a Home Cinema as an addition to the western wing of the home, became a very easy vision for our client. They loved what they had seen & heard, and asked us to provide a room of similar caliber. Not resting on our laurels we explained to them that if they would trust us to do so, we would take some of the main elements from our Cinema and add some personalized detail to create a unique space for them. They were excited with this idea and allowed us to take the ball and run with it.

Key Design Objectives

  • D-Box motion code seating for a 4D experience
  • C-Bus Lighting control & automation
  • System integration
  • RTI iPad control system
  • High-end audio visual system
  • Equipment that will seamlessly blend with & compliment the décor of the home
  • Lighting scene control, with save & recall feature
  • Acoustic treatment including Vicoustic absorption and diffusion panels

System & Design

The mandate for the room was to create a warm & inviting space to entertain their family & guests. Understandably, they didn’t want to be able to see the projector, speakers or the unsightly acoustic treatment throughout the room. With this mandate in mind, our team designed the room with an internal fabric wall that cleverly conceals all of the rooms’ audio visual & acoustic hardware, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finish.

In addition, the client indicated their personal desire for symmetry in the room. As a result, the room was designed & engineered with all seating positioned in the centre of the room & with the veneer stained acoustic doors with the word “Cinema” inlayed into the veneer surfaces, on either side of the room, matching the existing joinery throughout the home. Not only did this solution provide the symmetry the homeowner was looking for but it also provided a double entry into the room from either side of the wing which gave the room a real sense of space whilst avoiding heavy foot traffic via a traditional single entry solution.
Expectations were high in relation to the quality and finish of the final fit out & calibration of technology. Given the clients discerning nature, that is exactly what we achieved.

Audio Visual

The standout technology feature of this high performance space starts with one of the most important aspects of any home cinema – the seating. All chairs were specified for the client for maximum comfort & aesthetics whilst providing the full movie experience, with the appointment of D-Box motion simulation. The motion activation created a real sense of reality as if you were in the film & creates a completely immersive experience for our client.
The relationship between the acoustic package, processor, power amplifier, speakers and subwoofer provided us with a very accurate, distortion free and dynamic sounding environment. All of this incorporated in with a Sony 4K projector, 160” projector screen and full calibration, the final image far exceeded the requirements set out by our client.

Control System

An RTI iPad control system was utilized to give the client full control over their source devices and necessary projector & sound settings. In addition, we incorporated a full C-Bus DMX lighting system giving the client full control over each individual bank of strip lighting, including colour control and dimming function. Further to this, the client is able to save any scene they have set for later recall, either through the iPad control, or from the C-Bus EDLT wall switch.


A home cinema will become the go-to place for your family & friends to gather and watch a big game, or have concerts and movies become private viewings for you and your guests. Damian and the team specialize in tailored home cinema experiences that utilize only the latest and most innovative technology on the market. Your home cinema is yours alone and there won’t be another exactly like it.