ARB Springwood

ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories. Their amazing new store in Springwood is fitted out with the latest and greatest technology - smart cabling, audio video distribution, touchscreen control throughout, video wall, security, CCTV and much more... 

Video Wall

As you will see in the images, ARB showcase their products on 4x 55" Samsung panels, mounted together to display as a video wall. Each screen on the video wall is able to be easily accessed for servicing, as each screen in mounted onto  pull out and swivel brackets.

Audio Distribution

 An 8 zone audio distribution system and Australian Monitor speakers throughout, allows the store to have music playing in every zone, either individually or grouped as one zone.

Touch Screen Control

Our team have customised a system to suit the store and it's needs. Touch screen controllers throughout the store have been programmed to allow the staff to control any zone in the building, choose music, power down, control the video wall and other screens throughout such as the TV in the waiting room, change channels, control volume, everything can be done with just a touch of a button.