It’s a difficult task to keep up with the ever evolving technology market, even us at the coal face find it difficult at times. Electronic Living have recognised a gap in the market for specialist engineering of necessary complex electronic systems that are put into our modern lives.

Our skill-sets cross over a multitude of different electronic systems such as intercoms, lighting control, structured wiring, video conferencing, boardrooms, audio distribution, video distribution, digital signage, projection cinema, control systems, security, access control and more. We are at a critical point where there is a real need for an industry attached professional that can provide comprehensive specifications to implementing technology solutions into modern buildings and renovations. Until now, your only 2 options would be to get an electrical engineering practice that provided some type of documentation that provided a ‘theorised’ solution Or, you could choose a Electronic Systems ‘solution provider’ that would have an financial interest in the project and would contemplate an "exclusive – proprietary system design" that only they would be able to undertake.