Founded in 1971, Crestron offers perhaps the most diverse range of solutions for residential and commercial projects. With systems ranging from multiroom audio and video through to cutting edge artificial intelligence and voice automation, the high-end solutions available through Crestron dealers are often found in the most elite properties in the world. Commercially, Crestron systems have been found in several of the world’s leading universities, financial institutions, gyms, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and even the White House. It is the trusted choice for the intergration of technology in today's modern home or business. 

Crestron home automation systems are compatible with a huge range of third-party products, making them an excellent choice for homeowners in Australia who would like the most advanced automation system currently available. With an award-winning operating system and high-quality touch screens and keypads to control attached devices around the home, Crestron have created a truly integrated smart home system that is in a class of its own. Crestron systems can be configured to control lighting, heating, cooling, home entertainment, security devices and much more. Making them one of the most customisable and comprehensive home automation options available anywhere in the world today.

Let us build a Crestron smart home system for you

The intuitive software and control pads make Crestron home automation systems easy to use however for best results, the design and installation should be handled by a team of experienced professionals. At Electronic Living, we have a great deal of experience with Crestron smart home systems, and can cater to everything from your design to installation, programing and commissioning. Our team would be delighted to put together a system that is perfect for your needs. For more information and a detailed quotation, please call and speak to one of our home automation experts today. 

Choosing the right Crestron system for your home

The options are almost limitless when it comes to what we can achieve with a Crestron automation system.

  • Multi-room audio – Never miss a single note of your favourite song with a Crestron distributed audio system or avoid having to listen to your kids’ questionable taste in music with the same setup.
  •  Video solutions – Using what are arguably the finest video solutions on the market, you can immerse yourself in a home cinema that will rival any commercial cinema in the world.
  • Climate control – Warm or cool your house before you get home, either through your phone or a pre-programmed schedule. You never need to be uncomfortable in your own home again!
  • Lighting control – A Crestron control system will allow you to tailor your lighting at a whim using pre-programmed scenes. Cooking? At the press of a button your home’s task lighting will illuminate the kitchen. Watching a movie? The lights will dim, creating a comfortable atmosphere that makes viewing a pleasure.
  • Shading – Crestron blinds are automated, yes, but did you know that they are also silent? Choose from a wide selection of fabrics, colour, textures, and styles on offer – or even bring your own!
  • Security – Think you forgot to lock your doors? With Crestron, you can check the status of your door lock from your phone and if you did forget, you can then lock your doors remotely too. Additionally if family, friends or your food delivery arrives to the door you can even let them in via your Crestron app. 

Your Crestron installation

As one of few chosen Crestron dealers in Australia, At Electronic Living we are best positioned to deliver complete automated solutions throughout Brisbane and Australia. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of integration specialists know how to achieve the best results using only the finest of breed technologies. If you would like to hear how Electronic Living and Crestron can deliver you the greatest in smart technology solutions, call us on 1300 764 554.