NEW PARTNERSHIP! Moovia Home Cinema Seating with D-Box

NEW PARTNERSHIP! Moovia Home Cinema Seating with D-Box

We are so excited to announce that we have added moovia® to our home cinema seating collection. This new partnership has allowed us to extend the variety of colours, styles and designs that we can offer to our clients.


Home theatres have come a long way. And furnishings have been quick to follow. Once home only to movie screenings, today’s media rooms are sanctuaries of all things entertainment: blockbusters, online and TV shows, computer games. 4K displays and 7.2 sound systems deliver the ultimate viewing experience that can only be enjoyed from the utmost comfort.

Make the most of moovia® seating with adjustable head-, back- and footrests, trizone lumbar support, cupholders and storage compartments. Set temperature and lights to create the perfect ambience or switch to massage mode for maximum relaxation. You run the show.

moovia® Home Theater Seating


Moovia Venice

Like a Fellini film, the VENICE theater chair blends fantasy and earthiness with a hint of the Baroque. With elegant accent stitching and a dramatic façade, its understated grandeur makes a powerful statement in any theater or media room. For an extra touch of indulgence, choose ambient lighting, temperature control, massage function and more.


Moovia Dallas

In Texas, when something is impossible to miss, they say it is “bigger than Dallas.” But it hardly gets bigger than this one. It is huge. It is loud. It is cozy. Done up in real cowhide, the DALLAS is a real kick-back-and-relax chair with comfortable leather you will sink right into. And it gets even better with customizable add-ons like temperature control and support for your back with massage function.


Moovia Boston

Take a seat in “The Hub of the Universe.” That’s Boston’s hard-earned nickname and that is exactly what it feels like to settle into the graceful embrace of the BOSTON theater chair. The free-form cushion and adjustable seat draw you in and make you never want to leave. Comfortable and no-nonsense, it makes you feel right at home with optional engine controls for lights and action. A real masterclass in comfort and style.


Moovia Chesterfield

Named after an earl and modestly dubbed the “king of sofas”, the CHESTERFIELD evokes the splendor of a grand stately home. Embodying the rich traditions of English craftsmanship, this timeless classic embraces you with plush, deep tufts. It comes with bespoke elements like extra storage, seat adjustability, a cupholder and a footstool.


Moovia Stockholm

An organically flowing mixture of clean lines, natural wood, luxe fabric and subtle accent lighting. The STOCKHOLM theater chair marries form and function in a sleek and sophisticated design that breathes Scandinavian simplicity. It may look like it belongs in a Bergman film but the STOCKHOLM offers contemporary comforts like synchronized movement, adjustable lighting and temperature.


Moovia Berlin

Meet the wunderkind of urban cool. Combining an industrial aesthetic with a contemporary feel, the BERLIN theater chair grabs your attention and never lets it go. The striking yet understated design is complete with decorative seams, while the furniture mechanics are taken to the next level by Lusch engineering. Features an adjustable headrest, backrest and footrest, massage function and more.

moovia® Media Room Sofa


The living & media room is many things. A haven from the daily grind, a place to unwind, a lively hub for quality time with loved ones. The right seating turns it into the jewel of your home, where you can relax the way you like best. Our products do exactly that, combining beauty with all the contemporary comforts you need.


Moovia Budapest

Leave the ordinary behind. Breaking down the stereotypes of theater seating, the BUDAPEST sofa combines sleek lines with ease of movement into a truly extraordinary home theater experience. Stretch out in every direction with an extendable footrest and custom accent pillows. Top it off with optional add-ons such as temperature control or built-in cupholders. And just go with the flow.

Moovia Budapest cinema seating


Moovia Chesterfield Sofa

Just like its theater chair counterpart, the CHESTERFIELD sofa subtly blends timeless features with modern-day comfort. A style that is always in, it looks great both in a classic and a contemporary setting. Rethought and revitalized, brought from English clubhouses straight to your home.

moovia® Media Room Seating


Moovia Cannes

Edgy but an instant classic, this model is a triumph of avant-garde composition. With a carefully designed montage of shapes, textures and lines, the CANNES theater chair is just as spectacular as its namesake film festival. Effortlessly cool and totally cinematic, it is destined to be the piece de résistance of any media room. Starring real wood and chic fabrics, with optional audio enhancing backrest and massage function in supporting roles.


Moovia Copenhagen

Clean lines. Organic textures. Abstract shapes. An airy frame. It all comes together effortlessly with real wood, fine fabrics and a dash of Danish minimalism. Inspired by all things Nordic, the COPENHAGEN chair is striking from every angle. In a nod to the Scandinavian design ethos that furniture should better the quality of life, it is generous with indulgent extras. Enjoy customizable features such as massage functionality, a hidden audio-enhancing headrest and more.

Movia Copenhagen seating


Moovia Monaco

Lounge around in the lap of luxury. The glamorous flair of the Principality of Monaco, nestled between the French and Italian Rivieras, is evoked in every detail of the MONACO chair. Relaxed but alluring, it is made for leisure at its most lavish. Bordered by bright real wood and covered with sumptuous fabric. Comes with additional features such as a hidden cupholder, massage function and footstool. C’est bon.

Moovia Monaco cinema seating



Moovia® understand that each and every little detail makes a big difference. This is why tailoring their products to unique lifestyles and tastes is what they do best. For Moovia®, customisation means much more than letting you pick the colour or decide on the number of storage compartments. At moovia®, the individual manufacturing process only starts when every last detail has been agreed on.

What does this mean in practice?

Customise the fine Italian leather they use with special tanning or dyeing techniques, or replace it with fabrics or faux leather. Armrests can be shortened or extended. Choose metal cupholders with 22k gold or in antiqued copper, and the buttons gilded, embellished with Swarovski crystals or wrapped in the same material as the upholstery. Add carbon fiber components, evolved and applied by the car industry, for everlasting elegancy.



  D-Box Home Cinema Motion Seating  

D-BOX stands for pioneering cinematic motion solutions, built specifically for the movie theater industry. D-BOX’s award-winning motion effects are in perfect harmony with on-screen audio and video, creating a home-viewing experience full of life and free of distractions.

The world’s best immersive cinematic motion solution can now be integrated into any moovia® chair. Thanks to Moovia's very own integration framework, D-BOX systems seamlessly work together with both the single- and double-seat models. It’s also possible to control several chairs at the same time.

Moovia Venice D-Box

The motion codes are stored on the D-Box server. For annual subscription fee, the Home Entertainment Motion Controller gets connected to the motion code database, checks new titles and automatically downloads them so you don’t need to have a permanent internet connection. And if your home cinema doesn’t have cable internet, it’s not a problem at all. The HEMC can connect to your router wireless.

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