Bribie "Get Loud" Triathlon


Hudson Cavanagh (eldest son to our Managing Director, Damian Cavanagh) did his first triathlon on the weekend to raise funds for Loud Shirt Day, in support of Hear and Say's 12th annual Loud Shirt Day fundraiser. Queenslanders were wearing their wackiest shirt, dressing up in a colourful costume and generally committing making noise for children with hearing loss.

The national event raises vital funds to give the gifts of sound and speech to children with hearing loss. 

Up to 180 children are born with hearing loss every year in Queensland, with the cost to Hear and Say of supporting them averaging about $10,000 each year for up to six years. The therapy Hear and Say delivers, combined with the most advanced hearing technology, means children who are deaf or hard of hearing can listen and speak just like their hearing peers.

Over 125 individuals fundraised for Loud Shirt Day in Queensland this year and thanks to them, over $115,000 has been raised!

Loud Shirt Day 2019

Loud Shirt Day - Hear and Say - Archer Cavanagh

Hear and Say is particularly close to the hearts of the Cavanagh family as their 5-year-old & youngest son Archer (pictured on the left with his brother, Hudson), was born profoundly deaf.

Damian says "I have had the privilege to witness firsthand the incredible work they do for young Queenslanders with hearing loss, like Archie & the wonderful support they have provided our family on his hearing journey thus far. He truly is our little miracle!"

It’s not too late to donate and show your support, simply visit the Hear and Say website here.

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