Assisted Living

Home automation for the aged and disabled

As much as Electronic Living delight in making luxury homes even more opulent, there is nothing like the satisfaction we derive from providing assisted living to older clients and people with disabilities.

Thanks to our innovative ‘assisted domotics’ technology, our clients can live life to the fullest; they can remain in the safety and comfort of their own home rather than moving into a healthcare facility.

Home automation is not cheap, however neither is the ever-rising cost of healthcare, so it’s a smart choice in both senses of the word.

Many of our clients see it as an investment in independence, enhancing their quality of life.

We can fully upgrade any home, integrating sensors and microprocessors in appliances and touch points so an entire home can be controlled and made accessible at the single touch of a button.

It can even be voice activated if necessary via state-of-the-art voice-recognition software.

New possibilities creating a heightened new sense of freedom.

Lights and air conditioning can be turned on and off or up and down; doors, windows and gates open, closed and locked; blinds adjusted, and music or television controlled from a client’s bed or armchair.

Our systems can be specially customised according to your loved one’s mobility, or the severity of their disability.

Furthermore, you can keep a watchful eye on ageing parents and disabled family members remotely, via live camera feeds on your smart phone, laptop or other device.

You can also opt to have information gleaned from personal devices such as heart rate monitors sent direct to you or a carer.

For absolute peace of mind, you can even lock up for them if they forget and should there ever be an emergency – such as a fall detected by failsafe motion sensors – an SOS alert can be automatically sent to you and/or emergency services.

The possibilities are virtually endless, so enquire now about our full range of aged and disability-friendly home automation.

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